The dead dreamer

Life of a dead girl in a dream
2020-01-12 07:09:41 (UTC)

new year?

Its already new year? feels like 2019 passed away too quickly. Is time moving faster or am i aging faster? or both? whatever. I am on my last year of post graduate studies, currently doing project for 6 months. I applied for a national institute to work under cancer research and i got it. my work started from 6th january. my year started with practical exam on 1st jan. wat a way to start the year.
been quite busy. my 1st sem result were out and i failed one subject which i thought i wont fail. funny that i got highest in all other subject only to fail in one. I submitted that paper for revaluation, lets hope that i will pass somehow and wont have to rewrite that paper. Its tough.
My dad got admitted and had to remove one finger from his feet due to diabetes. he was quite a drinker back then, now is regretting quite a lot. my parents are both so old now...but i don't feel like i have grown up.
i vacated from my hostel and came back home. i thought i wont have to live in hostels anymore . but for my project i will have to stay in another hostel. Not that i hate living in dorms ,actually i am a little glad i can live away from my family. but ...
anyway, now i gotta hunt for job after passing out. that will be tough.