London Life
2020-01-11 19:36:45 (UTC)


Once again I wonder why I'm spending time with these people rather than the lovely ladies - and a few blokes - at cross country, despite the mud there. (answer: I want to see the game). I had a good chat with Davinia but Chris was coming out with a Spectator-style rant about "things you're not allowed to say any more".

He said things would be worse if Labour got in, but I pointed out there is no legislation banning anyone saying anything (other than inciting terrorism), whichever party is in power. I should have pointed out the things Boris Johnson has got away with saying, and he's just been re-elected, or asked what exactly Chris thinks he's not allowed to say. He has made his Tory/Faragist views more explicit lately, they used to be just assumed (possibly he's changed since David P doesn't travel with us any more). But what surprised me was Labour people like CF and John agreeing with him. Maybe they're just old and inflexible in the brain.

It was a long journey today due to the train taking a very roundabout route between London and Peterborough. We went in two small pubs and I had two strong drinks, despite tomorrow's run. I was very hungry and there were no vegetarian restaurants nearby but I got some snacks from a supermarket and some curried chips from a takeaway. The game saw a very professional performance, with City strangely unable to block fairly simple passes. The performance was slightly marred again by the sad tactic of taking the ball into the corner.

Luckily, as I climbed the steps up to the railway crossing afterwards, I happened to be behind a fan showing her full legs in a denim micro-mini skirt. Sometimes I think it's arranged just for my pleasure. Which isn't why I only just made the train (CF and Natalie made it also, because they happened to see a bus) .