London Life
2020-01-11 18:17:54 (UTC)

Thursday and Friday

On Thursday I cycled to work and straight home afterwards. My manager was surprised I was working so late but I'm still battling to catch up with pre-Christmas sostenutos. And as soon as you think you've cleared one for now, by writing to someone, they reply and you've got more stuff to do.

Also I took a long lunch to research a complicated magazine article, which I continued doing in the evening after cleaning the flat and helping Jack tidy up before his friends come on Friday. Finally I decided to do a simpler article this time, which I concluded on Friday morning.

Friday at work was busy again, I did some litter-picking with Jack at lunchtime and I didn't quite have time to complete the chart. So I took my laptop home yet again. I had to leave a bit early to get keys cut for Jack - he's lost his again - but they couldn't do my bike keys or work drawer keys. I also bought a new bag. Elina arrived at lunchtime and we went out for food together but I didn't have the time to sit with her at work (she's very distracting) which is a shame as she's always so keen for me to talk to her.

I went to the game in the evening, a struggle against a defensive side who restricted us to few half-chances. Consolation was a sweet girl in shiny over-knee boots and micro-dress who I sat almost opposite on the tube coming home. The mini-skirts were out in force on many slim girls during my bike ride on Thursday, including a girl spreading her legs over her saddle as she looked at her phone.