Do Not Disturb

2020-01-11 15:45:47 (UTC)

Left Early

So, they got me leaving a little bit early yesterday than, what I normally was suppose to get off ( which was 5:00) but because I didn't call out the other day even though I texted my boss lady saying that I wasn't gonna be able to be their but saying that she has a " new number" and that I should've called the store because they were short even though it wasn't my fault that their always short saying that I should've been their even though she had me off in the first place but I agreed to coming even though I shouldn't have but no worries I may get a job as a housekeeper out their where my mother works at. At least they make more than, what I make now and all they do is clean rooms.

Then, she had me off next Monday through Thursday and have me workijg the weekend Friday, Saturday, Sunday on morning shift.

*rolls eyes*

It's whatever though. No it's not whatever they need to stop fucking up my schedule. I mean I need the money too

I applied for Chick-fil-A on and other jobs as well but I believe that Chick-fil-A will suit me better or even Zaxby's for the matter.

I could be a cashier like I am at my recent job. I don't know. All I know is that I'm tired of Wendy's and I can't wait to quit.


I work with Ms. Terrie 🙄 tomorrow morning. I hope she won't start no more bullshit with me. Because they don't care and I'm not gonna care... Not anymore.

Mood : 🖕

- A