London Life
2020-01-11 11:13:52 (UTC)

Comedy at Bloomsbury Theatre

On Wednesday night I ran to Bloomsbury Theatre for a comedy night in aid of Crisis, the homeless charity. I met Jack at King's Cross, we picked up the tickets and went for a coffee, when I realised we were very close to the homeless centre where I often help on a Wednesday, and I'd have had time to go there as the comedy didn't actually start until about 19:40 (and then just the compere at first) .

Best act of the night was Glenn Moore, who was of the continuous amusing ramble type, which it is more difficult than telling tenuously-connected jokes, which is what openers Simon Brodkin and Iranian/Irish Patrick Monahan did (not that they were too bad). Fourth on was Phil Nicol, a Canadian with a guitar who was very physical with his comedy and moved around in quite an annoying way.

In the interval, an advert came on the screen for another comedy benefit, at 2Northdown, so we booked tickets. Then less than five minutes later, we won two tickets for that show in a raffle! After the interval came an unfunny comedienne called Kerry something, who replaced Rich Wilson on the bill. Then came smart-talking Rhys James, a fast-paced lad with a good flow but not very funny. Finally, Terry Alderton, who was supposed to have tunes/beats/recordings laid on, but the equipment wouldn't work so he did various stop-start improvised bits and pieces.

Jack suggested I run home while he got the bus, so I gave him my clothes, and resisted the temptation to see if anyone was still in the pub. At home I had a shower and still waited a while for Jack, so much so I wondered if he'd been run over.