Christopher Mel

The Mirror
2020-01-10 18:27:10 (UTC)

Nothing surprising

Yesterday, Thursday, happened exactly as I had expected. Got more blame and scrutiny for every other fuck up at work. Apparently, my job description entails 'taking the fall' and 'babysitting'. When the boss was finally done fondling the female employees he suddenly had time to notice every single thing I was supposed to be doing after letting shit fuck up the first half of the day. It's why I dubbed Thursday 'throw Chris under the bus Thursdays', and why it's easily one of the most shitty days of the week(being the day before Friday and all)
Then you have to deal with these miserable than life customers, whom, after living a live of privilege and handed things to them have no concept of basic manners, like saying excuse me, or just generally knocking everyone out of the way who isn't important in their lives because they've given themselves an inflated sense of importance. Not that it's my problem or concern with people who are rude, miserable, or ungrateful. It's just that I have to look at it. And when I walk with blinders on I get to settle with some young, narcissistic female(lol, oxymoron) who puts on the victim routine they're apparently so genetically predisposed to and buries her head in her iphone/attention-toy as if you've been drooling and gawking at her for 5 fucking minutes. You can literally be standing there, minding your own business, not even acknowledging their existence and they have to somehow try to put themselves on your radar by putting on these passive and unnecessary gestures of self-worth by acting like this big scary black guy is going to approach them, ask them out, or *gasp* talk to them, when in reality you just happen to be standing in the direction I'm looking in. Ready to squirm away as if I'm even paying attention to ya. It's been a long time since I've chased a female. Those days were over 20 years ago. I'm not fucking interested in you. Get over yourself. Stop acting like every creature that has a penis and exists within your line of sight is automatically interested in you. It's even insulting to ASSUME my preference based on your own insecuirities and need for validation. You have to delude yourself into thinking everyone's into you? And they all exhibit the same exact behavior. The same gut reaction, like a scripted npc that was coded to do so. And that's how I know there's nothing special or unique about you. You're shallow and need something superficial to believe in, we get it. Now fuck off. I'll go back to ignoring them and they'll go back to assuming I want them. I really don't want to talk to you either. And utilizing the female's own 'scapegoat' for shitty personality and treatment of others; "We don't owe each other anything" . So meaning you're not deserving of respect or acknowledgement just the same as anyone else. Oh well, live by the sword, I guess.
Then there's this shit with the 'landlord'....I gotta go. Will deal with this shit later.