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2020-01-10 18:00:09 (UTC)

January 2021 Polaroids:

Pics that I usually Take:
Cheese Board Pizza (January 3rd Sunday)
Ramen 101 (January 5th Tuesday)
Cal Eats Fresh Mexican Grill (January 7th Thursday)
Grand Lake Kitchen - Lake Merritt (Friday January 8th: Leah's 20!)
Catrinas by SEIKI HOUSE (January 11th Monday)
Happy Lemon (January 14th Thursday)
Telegraph (January 15th Friday)
Belcampo Oakland (Tuesday January 19th)
Benchmark Oakland (Thursday January 21st)
Hello Stranger (Sunday January 24th: I have the Sophomore Pics in 2015-2016 pics)
Grammie’s Down-Home Chicken & Seafood (January 25th Monday)
Restaurant Peony (Wednesday January 27th)
La Marcha Tapas Bar (Friday January 29th)
Kel & Dave’s Kitchen (Sunday January 31st: Sammy's 20th bday!!!!)

Missing Pics:
Au Lounge (Saturday January 9th)
Zachary’s Chicago Pizza (Wednesday January 13th)
Oeste - Bar (Saturday January 16th)

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