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2020-01-10 17:53:12 (UTC)

January 10, 2020: Ale Liberty

Opens at 12pm- 12am:
We just leave at 6:10pm
Arrives at 7:12pm:

Diary of the Day:
So I just have the hidden gem in this place at San Leandro between Washington Avenue and Santa Rosa Street, but I haven't been to Sons of Liberty before, and it was my first time to go for the Happy Hour night, and we arrived at 7:12pm, and it was too full that it was couple of my friends ( Cassie Yale and Haydee F). Very loud for the inside, but we just sat at outside, but we're okay for that. So I got the Deviled eggs, Smoked Brisket Nachos (to share people of course!), and we got the soda ginger ales. Yum!!!!
- Mariestellar

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