London Life
2020-01-07 23:39:31 (UTC)

Rich Hall. Things lost, found and never actually lost.

After work I went to Fire nightclub to see if they'd found my ankle boots (which I must have lost there) and my computer glasses (which could be in the coffee shop at Vauxhall or the Ladies' at Victoria). They've got a very helpful Lost Property system at Fire - and you have free reign to walk about the place while you look for someone to help you - but I drew a blank this time.

I arranged for Jack to get on my bus going home, and we had some salad baguettes as well as putting the suitcase (which had been out for ages) back under the spare bed. Then we went to see Rich Hall at the comedy club in the High Street.

It was only £4, as like the others he was trying new material. First was Phil Jared who was funny, but did that annoying thing where he stops, and comments about which new material will stay in. Rich Hall was good, as much as his manner and choice of words as anything. The next act was literally a drug addict who'd attempted suicide, Pope Lonergan, so a lot of what he said was really not to be laughed at. Finally, a chubby Irish comedienne Alison Spittle who only had one or two good lines.

Today I worked from home because a man was coming to sort out the flats' entry-phone. They told me yesterday they'd come between 8 and 10, but after they didn't arrive, I saw from their email the actual window was 8-12. Then at 13:40 a man phoned to say he was on his way, and he'd only just heard about this job. It turned out to be a fuse fallen out, which I probably caused getting my bike out.

I found a lot of skirts the other day I'd sort of forgotten about, I wore the sleek leopard-skin-pattern one today but it doesn't really suit me. Also I found my missing computer glasses in one of my bags - I nearly bought some more today but didn't because I thought of checking at Victoria Lost Property tomorrow.

And the long-lost keys (which went missing in the house) - having tidied up the main bedroom properly today, I'd given up any hope of finding them, then I realised the set I've been using - which I thought was a spare set - may actually be the ones I thought I'd somehow lost. I've been carrying my laptop home from work (and usually out somewhere at night) every day, which has sometimes been useful as our main PC doesn't work since Virgin's "improvements", but means I haven't been able to run in to work.