London Life
2020-01-07 13:51:33 (UTC)

Christmas trees, death-defying tree pruning

After getting the bus home with Jack last night, and picking up my new glasses (a week earlier than promised!), I couldn’t find my phone, so had to quickly find my fitness-watch charger to record my run. I had to get to St Paul’s Road, and got a bit lost running there, and as I hadn’t got my phone I had to keep looking at a printed map-page.

No-one talked much when I got there, I had to keep instigating the conversation, before the more long-standing participants arrived. I chatted to the very-pretty Cas on the way to the park. Others included Aiden, Graham, Steve L and C, Kike, Clare from Hackney and a few others I don’t know. We were collecting discarded Christmas trees from the streets. I was with a girl called Becca I hadn’t met before, and a Northern bloke who was volunteering for the first time.

Jack found my phone on the sofa while I was out. We started to tidy up our chaotic flat for the visit of his friends at the weekend. He discarded old event tickets and DVDs, but after putting on the telly on for the Cup draw (not a good one for us), we got distracted by a couple of old comedy programmes, The Good Life and Fawlty Towers. The characters in these old programmes are such over-the-top caricatures, but the programmes are funny, and the points being made about class snobbery and office politics still resonate today.

Today I couldn’t decide whether to get the bus or cycle in to work, I decided on the bus, but after waiting s few minutes (with other people), and a couple of buses passing without stopping, I realised both bus stops were closed, so I got the tube.

Lekisha came and sat alongside me, showing off her great figure in her tight, breast-hugging, cleavage-revealing cardigan and high-waisted micro-mini skirt. I haven’t seen her for ages but she rarely disappoints. I had to nonchalantly move an intervening chair out of the way, so I could look at her legs properly. Had a couple of chats with her as well, she's nice but fairly quiet. Also, my favourite stiletto-heeled little tight-dressed nude-tights “unprofessional” posh lady sat behind me, so I don’t know how I got any work done (and some work chickens are coming home to roost, from before Christmas). Then as I was walking down the railinged stairs to go home, she was coming up! (so I got neck-ache...)

There was also tree-pruning outside the office, with men shinning up the trees held up only by thin ropes. I've been on zip-wires over big caverns in Costa Rica, but I know those ropes are permanently fixed. These men were shinning up and down ropes which they've only just attached to the top of the tree. Then after pruning, the whole tree was cut down. Not sure why they did the pruning first, but I'm not an arborist.