London Life
2020-01-06 07:21:47 (UTC)

Mini-skirts, high heels. shadows and boyfriend troubles

"Are their skirts short enough for you?" Jack asked me jokingly, when the dance contest came on ITV at his parents' house yesterday. Well they couldn't have been any shorter, but dancing is supposed to be sexy and I son't watch a programme just for that reason, especially if if features "celebrities" and forced excitement. Though I did like it when one of the contestants slid onto her back on the ice as a finale, so showing off her side-bottom.

Despite hanging around their house too long, as we also watched a quiz programme (it was supposed to be just for a cup of tea, and for Jack to pick up his bike), we got home in time for me to make our lunches for this week (vegan mince and veg, and one-pan spicy rice). We also had a nice walk through the countryside footpaths from the pub to their house. And I ran back to the station, (while Jack cycled) and then back home from St Pancras, making five mini-runs yesterday.

The BBC poster for Dracula has featured on social media recently. I don't know if there's more than one, but the picture showed the one we saw in Brixton Road, with 3D "stakes" of which the shadows gradually and very cleverly formed a shadow of Dracula's face on the poster, but not until the sun went down.

I was also reading that a few blokes are starting to wear high heels. It's only a handful of famous people, and probably won't ever be a mainstream fashion, but it would be a shame if it does. I love high heels as a feminine thing. Blokes are tall enough anyway, and don't need to feel more powerful. Besides, I love and embrace all the differences between male and female clothing.

I sent a quick hello IM to Elina last night, but she started talking about her boyfriend-conflict. She leans on me a bit on this, always asking my advice, even though I've never had boyfriend troubles (or maybe BECAUSE I haven't). I didn't mind helping her when she sent me 241 messages in one day when I was travelling, but not last night, when I wanted to go to sleep. She doesn't understand how he can just go on with his life, without solving his "unresolved conflict" with her, but blokes can do that, their emotions work in a different way. I think she has over-high expectations of him. I know from my relationship with her that she wants to be in control. I am happy with that, I like her company (and her cleavage), but in a boy/girlfriend relationship her dominant personality will cause problems. There's definitely an element that she's 29, she wants this boyfriend to be better, as she doesn't want to start again looking for a new one.