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me and my life
2020-01-06 12:32:38 (UTC)

Difficult situation

It's getting difficult day by day. New year has come and 3 rd month of unemployment has started. I really regret of leaving a job m saying coz of the situation now I am in to. But actually that job was big time sucker.
From today I have started getting serious abt job application I did sit and invested 1 hr for job applications. I hope to get calls n give interview. Marketing job is very result oriented so i just cannot stick answer I need to perform in tata it wasn't so.
lets see how soon I get it. M getting worried, bored, tensed and also freaking out. My year has definitely not started on good note. Let's hope that it will slowly take the pace. I am dream so big where my small hopes are also not getting fullfilled. God pls bless....
Also waiting for monku to still settle in the job as he hasn't gotten any work till now.