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2020-01-05 22:13:30 (UTC)

Winston Liquor Experience:

Sunday January 5th, 2020: 2:12pm:
So I decided to go for the Winston Liquor for our 2020 Drunk event at my house while my kids are moving out to Las Vegas, and I was having a beer and then it was me and my girl bffs only, and we got the tons of alcohol beer, and I was on videotaping with my girl bffs, and there was bunch of assholes in this store. Little bit of too much. Then we ended up to get our lotto scratchers, and suddenly we got the leftover money for the first time! (only $50!)

Who Do I go to Winston Liquor:
Heaven Alex
Andii T
Andrea Romero
Amelia T
Francesca T
Amaya Romero
Grecia T

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