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2020-01-05 11:50:32 (UTC)

Guessing Astrology Signs!: The Addams Family

Character: Gomez
Sun: Aries
Moon: Scorpio

The sun and moon sign can very well be switched, but he's very energetic and feisty like Aries and dark, intense and romantic like Scorpio.

Character: Morticia
Sun: Libra
Moon: Virgo

She's into beauty and harmony, albeit her idea of beauty is highly unconventional - ie. cutting roses and only leaving the stems. She's also romantic, ie. again, in an unconventional way. She's a bit of a worrier, which is Virgo and also organized like Virgo. She's also very graceful, which I admire. I just wanted to mention that. I don't know what sign that exactly goes with. Lol.

Character: Wednesday
Sun: Capricorn
Moon: Scorpio

While, I feel like these signs could be switched, possibly, I'll explain why they are not. She is dark, but also logical and that is very much Capricorn. At the same time, she has an intensity to her at times, and that is like Scorpio moon shining through. She's more stoic than emotional, however, and that is Capricorn. So, stoic Capricorn is her main sun sign, but there is an emotional, intense Scorpio element to her personality, as well.

Character: Pugsley
Sun: Taurus
Moon: Aquarius

In many ways he is very basic - (sorry Taurus - let me further explain!) he just likes home comforts, home cooking and is laidback, down-to-earth. He definitely seems like an earth sign, but not Capricorn because he's not like Wednesday and not Virgo because he doesn't seem to be OCD and/or organized. Lol. He seems more like the stoner (lol!), laidback type. Also, he's a little chubby - another stereotype of Taurus. Heck, he could be Taurus-rising, as well. I'm not trying to guess rising signs anymore, though! Now, I said he's Aquarius moon because he's very weird and quirky - such as allowing his sister to tie him up in an electric chair and... electrocute him. I'm not saying Aquarius people would do this... but, they are weird and quirky... Then again... look at the things Vsauce did to himself on "Mind Field." He is an Aquarius! He put himself in a room with only food, water, a bed, a sink and a toilet, with no form of entertainment for 3 whole days. That is the very first episode of "Mind Field" and it is still my very favorite. My second favorite episode is the one where he takes ayahuasca... as freaky as that is, the effects of ayahuasca last about 8 hours, while... staying in that all-white room (yes, let me mention that it was all-white with a very bright light that stayed on no matter what - just like solitary confinement in prison!) with no form of entertainment... is a whole 3 days!

I forgot to mention about Virgo-moon (placement I think Morticia had), that the ones I've seen or heard of, seem to be really cool people... Aaliyah, a major crush of mine in real life, Natalie Portman (my girl-crush. I'm not bi, but she makes me question that!), Lorde, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Pewdiepie. I think Aaliyah was one of the coolest women ever and her death still makes me sad. May she rest in peace.

Anyways... Back to what I was doing (though, I love getting carried away on tangents... no wonder I love Vsauce... he'll answer the one question that the video is about, but then, like 10 others, as well! Lol!):

Character: Grandma
Sun: Aquarius
Moon: Sagittarius

I'm not exactly sure why I made her moon sign Sagittarius. Maybe because she's fun and a little sassy? She's definitely quirky and odd, like Aquarius.

Character: Lurch
Sun: Taurus
Moon: Taurus

I know Tauruses have a deep side! I'm sorry! He's pretty mellow, though and plays piano - Taurus often has musical inclination, usually in singing, though.

Character: Fester
Sun: Sagittarius
Moon: Gemini

He's fun, enthusiastic and also has a nervous, wiry energy to him, which would be Gemini.

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