London Life
2020-01-05 13:52:34 (UTC)

Junior Parkrun and In-laws meal

Volunteered at the Highbury Fields Junior ParkRun. I told people I hadn't made any running plans for this year, I would see what other people were doing. I was asked about Kiev, and Abi said she thought it would take three days to do by train. The other year, me and Jack took ten days to get back from Romania but I haven't got so much time in April.

Also spoke to Anne and Toyin (wearing a tail). Danny made a pathetic joke about me "getting out my" Parkrun number and later complained about how I threw my hi-vis in the bag, so although I was trying to ignore him, he managed to annoy me twice in two brief encounters. I tried speaking to lovely Isabelle but she's very hard to talk to.

I was marshalling with a Bulgarian girl, Kat. She says I talked to her previously at a Kilburn drink and then at the Christmas drink. I don't remember her at all. I don't think we were supposed to be together, but the Run Leader didn't have my name down so I think I was actually spare. But it meant I could talk to her during the run. It was great to see the enthusiasm of the kids. A little girl who came in next-to-last (just before a slightly disabled lad) was a toddler who looked as if she was still learning to walk, but managed to run 2 km. It was Toyin who commented on her beautiful blonde hair.

I ran to Finsbury Park station where I enjoyed seeing someone who'd been playing hockey, looking good in her tiny skirt. I had to get a slow train due to the engineering works but I was quite annoyed when it arrived at the destination, as I was busy on my phone.

I ran to the pub and was glad to see Danny and sweet Holly, who I enjoy chatting to both. Holly, with gypsy-like hair, wore a short flowery dress. Jack's sister Madeline was wearing a tight cabaret-style, off-the-shoulder velvet red dress, with a lot of make-up, her hair looked nice and I snuggled up to her at the bar. Our niece Rebecca looked stunning with good make-up, nice hair, a tight white jumper with a high-waisted long flared skirt. She was sitting opposite me and put her knee up against the table so the skirt fell back and her thigh was on show.

The vegan sausage and mash was no better than the Cooper's Arms' other offerings. But I enjoyed the walk through the country footpaths to Jack's parents' house.

My brother posted a picture of the Mexican couple from yesterday, I wish I had chatted to the girl as I'd planned to, she looked very sweet.