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2020-01-04 01:24:30 (UTC)


But before that... why a honey bee? Quite frankly, Snowflake was taken. I had wanted something small and symbolic, something that blends in, not so signalled out and yet special in its own right. From time to time small insects catch my attention and the story making part of my brain starts to make connections and spot patterns.

It's quite amusing, really. I was walking down the street contemplating a new start and what came to mind was how I'd like my spirit animal to be a bee. The key to that notion is simplicity, and what followed were reasons as to why that would fit as my alter ego.

For one, bee as in B, the first letter of my name. Easy. Second, a worker honey bee (female) is the one that does most of the work, taking care of the queen bee and making the honey. There's something to be lauded about that, the female that does the work and actually produces something valuable. Third, I quite admire shortlived creatures and a worker honey bee has the life span of six weeks in the summer and five months or more in the winter. I suppose it's the finality that is so striking; you're born, you do the work, then you die. Straightforward and yet so purposeful. Fourth, a honey bee stings only when it has to, and when it does, it dies. How's that for emergency protocol? And last but not least, a bee can fly. Something so small and mobile surely has so much potential to escape the world yet be in it at the same time if it developed self-awareness.

Plus, bees in general remind me of a sci fi idea someone inspired once. But hey, that's breaking the rules. Now where were we? Oh, yeah. The pit.