London Life
2020-01-04 21:27:07 (UTC)

Fire nightclub

As the toilets in the coffee shop last night were busy, I walked to Victoria to get changed, where there are plenty of cubicles. I wore a shiny black top with a thong attached which makes it into a leotard, fishnet tights and stack-heeled ankle boots. I did put a little black skirt over it to go to the pub, where I arrived nicely about 22:10. I was surprised we were meeting there again, as Zara was disappointed that last orders were at 23:00 last week. I was talking to a girl from Genoa who lives in Tottenham and has lived in London for 24 years but retained her accent.

At Fire, there was a rock band on with a girl in a low-cut mini-dress really giving it something with the sexy gyrating. I was by the side of the stage and was watching a girl dancing by juggling her boobs up and down. To the right of me was one of the girls who's been in the pub the last two times, she had her nipples just poking out of her top.

Another group walked in as a threesome, certainly the two girls were keen to snog each other, as well as the bloke they were with. Another couple of girls also joined in briefly. At this venue, it's not easy to find a central position to watch the girls go by, and my drinking may have dulled my memory of the rest of the crowd, but as I was getting ready to leave, I noticed an influx of people about 4:00, including a girl with her tits out, supported by her top. I don't know where they'd been, to arrive that late.

Today I was still feeling sexed-up by the event, and wore a soft thong leotard all day - with the addition of a skirt and jumper for the game. I went by bike for the first time for ages, dodging the Winter Wonderland crowds in Hyde Park and going a bit wrong somewhere, so I was only just in time for the match. I did see girls on the posh areas with gorgeous hair who are proud to show off the entirety of their well-looked after legs.

My brother brought along a young Mexican couple. I did intend to chat up the girl, but I never spoke to her in the end. I had shoulder-ache when I got home from cycling with my bag, so I had a bath and listened to BBC London Introducing, and had an early night.