London Life
2020-01-03 20:15:17 (UTC)

Pipopa Vegan, sweary woman in the coffee shop

Got a message from my senior manager to look into something. I decided to do it later. Then after a couple of hours, my manager, who is supposed to be off today and was copied in, looked into it himself (from home), so I'm glad I hadn't wasted my time. But why was he even looking at it?

I didn't go and sit with Elina, who was off this morning anyway, but went down for a chat, about the usual things. Managed to get a headband at lunchtime, which was missing from my outfit at the last fetish club.
Met Jack at his office and we got a bus to Pipopa vegan cafe, in Brixton Road, where we've been before, though I barely remember. It's a crepe place but I had a "Brixton brunch" which was a mezze of tasty things, but Jack didn't enjoy his crepe, I think it was too hard. He then got a banana crepe for afters, but it was too dry and he had to get some ice cream as well. He said he didn't want to go there again.

I left Jack at Stockwell, and walked up to Vauxhall where I went in an unmentionable coffee chain shop, as it was open until 22:00. While I was in there, the girl assistant had to bang on the toilet as there was a woman in there who wouldn't come out, and was swearing when asked to come out. She eventually emerged, shouting and moaning. Seems she was known to the staff. I hope I'm not too long in there myself, as as I need to get changed into my fetish stuff. Maybe I'll do it in two stages.