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2020-01-03 02:26:49 (UTC)

This Diary

I had initially planned for this diary to start with the new year. Sometimes it can't be helped that one needs to build a momentum, a rhythm in writing, that surpasses the start of something new. Or, maybe that's just me. When it comes to public writing it normally takes me a while to catch the beat.

So I decided to begin this new year with full disclosure. Before, my dealing with what had happened here had been to try to get over it as quickly as possible with the least bit of emotion necessary. That was a very flawed plan seeing as I'm the type of person who actually works out her problems, and by "work out" I mean "analyse". I discovered that one good way to do that is through writing. No matter how much I wish for it or try at it, I can't write spontaneously. To have a public diary has been beneficial in maintaining a balance between personal diary content and essay-like form. Not to mention, it's great writing practice. I do resolve to be truthful though, because most of my content (at least from here on out) will be devoted to self-analysis, introspection, and self-improvement (one can only hope).

Believe it or not, I actually have a written list of rules for writing this diary, pinned on the board over my bed--because hey, you can't fault a person for being careful--and I'm going to do my best to follow it.

And so, I dive into the pit.

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