London Life
2020-01-02 13:45:16 (UTC)

Dracula / Snowflake

While cooking and bike-mending last night, we managed to simultaneously take in Part 1 of the BBC's new version of Dracula. It was really well done, with a few "knowing" pronouncements by the Count which acknowledged that viewers knew aspects of the story which the original protagonist didn't (yet). As he's shown before, Moffatt knows how to update an old story and make it feel modern.

I cycled to work today, for the first time for ages. But carrying my laptop on my back - because I still haven't done a proper search for my work drawer key - means that the winter cold/sweaty problem is magnified, i.e. my shoulders, arms and back get sweaty, but when I undo my jacket to let air in, I get a nasty chill down my front.

I was rushing to do tomorrow's chart but it was an even more difficult "week 1" than other years. But my manager had an unplanned day off and the Senior Manager's not back in the office until Monday. So I had an easy day and left at 16:40.

I had been intending to get my sex outfit ready for tomorrow, but I said to Jack I'd meet him at Kilburn at 18:30 and by the time I'd cycled home, shovelled some muesli in my mouth and got changed, I just had time to run there.

I went a bit wrong at Primrose Hill, but got back on track and was confident enough of my route to cut through the side roads. I was four minutes late but Jack was later, he missed his stop on the train.

After talking about a £99 trip to Paris that Jack had seen advertised somewhere - which in my experience never quite gives what it promises when you look into it. Anyway, it offered only flights, though Jack thinks he can magically persuade them to let us go by train.

We saw 'Snowflake' at the Kiln Theatre, set on Christmas Eve, about inter-generational disputes, and whether people can understand each other, and the effect their attitudes have on each other. It looked in the first act as if it was just going to be a one-man monologue, which I always hate - I don't like to see any play featuring less than three characters - but the later acts also featured two lesbian girls.

We got back by 10, so Jack persuaded me to watch another episode of 'Dracula', which wasn't as good as the first, it was too much like a typical murder mystery, with a few twists here and there.