Nala Toph

Written Thoughts
2020-01-01 21:01:13 (UTC)

Why am i scared?

I was perfectly fine for most of the day and all the sudden I’m scared. It’s out of the blue and I don’t get it, my stomach feels weird. My friend invited me to a server and is was a bit high energy.. usually I’m the one who has the high energy but i am quite demure compared to these people. Maybe that’s why? Maybe I’m having a panic attack? No those usually hurt... I don’t hurt it’s just butterflies in my stomach. Eventually i asked what the extent was for explicit things, they weren’t sure what i meant so i said “sexual innuendos?” And then someone basically went “haha sure” and i made a couple sex jokes and then they turned vulgar (in a obviously joking manner) so I made another joke and the entire server exploded. So yeah.., that happened and i started feeling scared... maybe that’s why? I’m just not used to that but from what i hear discord is often like that... I’m just staying in fluff zone, i feel safe there...

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