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2020-01-01 21:49:32 (UTC)

Prompt 054: A Free Afternoon

54. Afternoons can vary a lot from season to season. If you could pick a free afternoon to do as you pleased in any season, which one would it be and why?

Oh man, this one is a no-brainer for me. The Autumn has my vote, most definitely. Here in the Northern Hemisphere, the Autumn is when days begin to shorten, and evenings begin to lengthen. Temperatures are not as high as they were in the previous Summer months, which encourages me (personally, but I also suspect many others) to actually go outside and enjoy the sights of nature and fresh air.

Speaking of which, the sights of nature at that time of year truly are a thing to behold. As time has gone by, I've found that I like going walking/hiking through nature during the Autumn quite a bit because I can do leaf-peeping. The trees begin their transformation from green to gold, to orange, to rust, to red, to violet... And then they are gone. You need to go out during the Autumn when you can, or else you miss it.

The Autumn is a transitional season, and I enjoy seeing the transformation. You are reminded of your senses during the change. You see the scarlet and russet of the leaves. You can feel the briskness of the air and cooling temperatures. You can hear the crinkle of dried leaves underfoot. You can smell the oncoming slumber of the trees. And hot cocoa and mulled cider is back in season, much to the delight of your taste buds.

Taking an afternoon break during the Autumn - my favourite season of the year - allows me the time to appreciate some of the fleeting good still left in this world.