Do Not Disturb

2020-01-01 00:48:21 (UTC)

Trip Trippin'

My auntie trippin because I told my mother that the little pizza she had in their for me was gone because,she ate it because it was suppose to be mine because,my mother gave it to me.

I kind of wish I was with my boyfriend right about now but he's still trying to see something about this job and why they haven't put him onnthe schedule or, whatever he's doing.

But I mean I have a right to know who ate the pizza that was suppose to be mine to at least put on my stomach but now it's gone because she ate it. I kind of figured she did.


I can't wait until, it's income tax week so we can move out of this bitch so I don't have to watch no damn kids while my auntie be at work all day or whatever she be doing after work. I'm sick of it.

We ended up sitting in the car and going downtown and watching the fireworks at the baseball game ( which was fine by me instead of paying for some ticket to see the fireworks when you can just sit in the car up front and get a great view) and then after the fireworks was done I actually got to spend the night at my boyfriend's house last night ( well he live with his mom for now and maybe his Grandma...its complicated) and yes she knows and my mother know and I loved every bit of it. Even the cuddling that was the best part just putting my hand on his chest and his arm wrapped around me.

We went fishing the next day ( which is today). He didn't catch anything. He almost did. But it kind of felt good just to be away from the city with everything going on. I didn't wanna go home after that but had to . But I'll eventually see him again. So, that's how my new year's went with my boo. I was bood up.

Mood: Feeling pretty grateful

- A