Christopher Mel

The Mirror
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2020-01-01 18:48:08 (UTC)

New Year

I wouldn't say happy because then that would imply there was something joyous about it. Anyway, it is said that habits can take several weeks to break, meaning whatever resolutions people had will likely be or will be broken in the near future. Doesn't matter. Every day is a new day and a chance to start fresh. It doesn't have to be relegated to a year, though I'd imagine it's an easier starting point for some. My whole thing, as it came down toward the holidays and I was running around to visit the family and other anonymous errands that I really need to take back my time. I can never enjoy a day off, especially if we get off of work because of a holiday. It's always spent meeting the expectations of others., 'going through the motions'. I'm exhausted from the holiday rush and rather than getting five minutes of rest I now have to rush out of a 12 hour work shift with no break, standing on my feet all day, take a shower, pack my bags, and travel down several hours to the city to see my people. Then they wonder why I always pass out on the couch. Every time. It's not that I'm an unenthusiastic guest. It's simply because I'm fucking tired and expected to be the hyper-energetic guest and friend 24/7. I do have a down time. And I'm not such a great guest/host when I'm exhausted. Also, doesn't help that the television is always on that damned home and garden network whatever it's called. Seems if you go over to a female or old person's house 90% chance this will be on. I busted my ass to see ya. Can we NOT just sit around watching tv? You can do this any time. Ya like fantasizing about homes? You spent so much time and worked so hard in the home you're already in. What? It's not good enough for you? Whatever, none of my business. Anyway. My point was. Taking my personal time back, and getting shit done. I'm always active and can't just sit around watching tv all day like my 'landlord'.