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2020-01-01 16:49:20 (UTC)


Happy New Year! I will Get some of the shopping list going on there, and I will link it down below of the Shopping list in January 2020: (Galentines Day Party)
3D Glitter Heart Centerpiece (3)
3D Foil Heart Decorations 16ct
Pull String Smiling Heart Pinata (For my Galentines Party!)
Balloon Time Large Helium Tank 14.9cu ft (needs for my balloon)
Big Party Pack Red Plastic Champagne Flutes 20ct (For my Alcohol Drink, you can use whatever you want for the vodkas, champagne, but I love Pink champagne)
Red Plastic Table Cover (Galentines Party)
Big Party Pack Red Plastic Cups 50ct
Red Premium Plastic Cutlery Set 24ct (Galentines, but we need more girlfriends!)
Galentine's Day Decorating Kit
Galentine's Squad Letter Banners 2ct
Red Fringe Doorway Curtain (I will show you on the Pics in 2020 Later!)
Galentine's Day Decorating Kit
Apple Red Balloons 72ct
Vday Photo Booth Props

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