Nala Toph

Written Thoughts
2019-12-31 23:57:26 (UTC)

The end of the year entry

This year had a lot. I grew a lot. They say “sweet 16 is sweet because your hormones settle down” or at least that’s what i hear. That was definitely a fabrication of the truth because my hormones got me involved with the law... also it broke a hole in the wall, and tear up a huge friendship with some of my greatest friends. I certainly can’t blame them though, I looked back at everything and saw what i said. I was a mess that nobody could fix, nobody but me. I was always an animal lover, yet my mind got foggy. My thoughts are clear and i know what I’m doing. Most of the year was amazing, only 2 months had bad days so overall this was a good year! I still have plenty of friends, and they know my dark side. I was wrong to think i had to embrace it. The thoughts are still there, but my therapist said a long time ago “those thoughts are just that, they mean nothing until you act” and hearing that helped me. I feared myself a lot less, but I still am my greatest fear.

Have a happy New Years everyone, i know i will.

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