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2020-01-01 00:08:25 (UTC)

Kingsbridge, Dartmouth and 'Last Christmas'.

Tue 31/12/2019
After Jack hugged me in bed for half an hour, I ran round the harbour but couldn't get all the way to the Hoe and had to retrace my steps. We had breakfast at a place we spotted last night by the harbour, then caught a bus to Kingsbridge through beautiful unblemished countryside.

We got off the bus early and did a circuit of the narrow old streets of Kingsbridge. Jack worked out we had time to go to Dartmouth, which he was really keen on visiting, and then get back to Plymouth from Totnes by train.

We walked up the river and sat by the inlet for a bit before getting the bus to Dartmouth.This route travelled up and down hills, and along the sea along a narrow slip seperating that water from Slapton Key. Dartmouth is amazing, with various unspoilt hills as well as attractively haphazardly built-on hills, the other side of the wide river.

The town itself contains numerous pretty buildings in hilly narrow streets dominated by independent shops. We watched the little ferry go across the river and back and stopped for a bagel at an old-fashioned cafe.

It was dark by the time we got the bus to Totnes, which was a shame as the route looked like attractive, wide-open countryside. At Totnes, there were free herbs and spices on offer, planted at the Station. After getting the train, we endured some horrible surroundings where we waited for the bus at Plymouth.

Found the cinema past an industrial estate and some dark back streets - it was at a horrible big car park surrounded by chain restaurants, like the one at Stevenage. The reclining seats were only £4.99, and we also got the usual 2-for-1 half-price Tuesday deal, so £2.50, though we couldn't get the machine to do it, we had to go to the girl at the desk, and we couldn't get two seats together so had to get another couple to move when we got in.

The film 'Last Christmas' has had bad reviews, and it wasn't very well structured. But I loved the main character, messed-up but likeable, she reminded me of Abi from volunteering - sarcastic humour but in a sweet way so you acknowledge the truth of it.

Played by Londoner Emilia Clarke, she looked sexy in her elf dress and her family Christmas outfit. She appeared in every scene. I liked her hair and make-up, and she usually looked feminine, apart from a couple of occasions. I didn't mind the ghost-story element to it, as it fitted in with the redemption theme. The George Michael music wasn't particularly noticeable when you don't know the songs.

Locations included Covent Garden, Regent's Street (with an incongruous number 11 bus), Charing Cross Road and Brixton. Her sister's house looked like where my old best friend Martina used to live.

Took a short-cut back across the harbour to the hotel, then went to get food for tomorrow's trip. I dropped a glass of beetroot in the shop and it smashed. There were lots of nice girls to look at, great in revealing outfits and high heels for New Year's Eve.