Do Not Disturb

2019-12-31 02:19:33 (UTC)

Survived Monday

Never will I ever have to babysit my cousins ever again no matter how much she begs just because she doesn't have anyone to watch them when she goes to work. It would've been fine id they had a decent daycare but I forgot the people in our town is ratched as hell. Today was my off day and instead of resting I had to babysit them. I love my cousins to death but goddamn. You can't keep coming and bothering me asking me what time it is knowing your mother is on your way ( my auntie). That's just irritating and frustrating as fuck but luckily I won't be here tomorrow and possibly Wednesday because it's New Year's and all that jazz plus, I'm finally getting my hair braided. I'm getting crochet again but this time it will be braided to my scalp instead of pinned in or however the hell the last lady did it but didn't do it right because the hair was fallkng out of my head but gotta get up early because my appointment is at 10:30 and it's at a casino because they have a salon. I hope they wash my hair to because I need a good wash. Tired of my hair looking like this. Oh, and one more thing have a Happy New Year.

Mood: Feeling blissful

- A