London Life
2019-12-30 23:39:56 (UTC)

Treasure Island

We went to the Athenaeum, a theatre built in the early 19th century in a classical style with pillars, destroyed in WW2 and rebuilt in 1961 as an exceptionally ugly building. We saw 'Treasure Island', made by a four-man company, meaning one of them had to play the two female roles: a game-show host in a sexy dress (yes there is a game-show host in Treasure Island, apparently) and a mermaid.

This was a shame as the two scantily-clad characters would have been sexy if played by actresses. Unfortunately the promised pre-show warning of semi-nudity was actually a man showing his bum in another scene!

But I did get to sit just behind a girl in a short black skirt with her feet up on the stage, putting her legs in my eye line. And next to me, a girl in a tiny skirt revealing a seat-length of chunky bare thighs, who seemed quite happy for me continially to "accidentally" caress her, arm-to-arm.

The play was quite good, apart from one man who played several parts (including the girl parts) who was too silly. The added funny bits were good, and I didn't remember the plot from when I was a child. I did think until yesterday that I'd actually booked 'Peter Pan' , which I used to love when I was a little girl.

Afterwards we walked back to the sea, down a hill with steps broken up by sheltered podiums, which in the dark, with the waves splashing against the rocks, made Jack almost romantic. We then walked back round along the rocks to our hotel.

Jack had an idea to go to Dartmouth tomorrow, but it's nearly three hours each way on a local town bus, which would drive me mad. Another idea was a combined steam train and boat trip, but it doesn't run on New Year's Eve, but Jack's got another plan.