always wth love

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2019-12-30 14:41:10 (UTC)

Its been a Decade...

Its been a Decade
I haven't spoken about early years of high school before my sexually change who I became within my junior-senior years.
Back in 2010, I was simple a sophomore it was quite chill I am. I remember that year so vivid, I had good group that i thought it would last forever even though i had quite limits of my CP didnt change how felt among my friends and teachers...
So my high school years were a messy that broken into swirl of my personal mental mindset. As, far in extend year of my senior considering i could've past the exited exam than a year later it was remove after graduating an year later. (2008-2013)
Began 2013-2019
Then i had started a five year journey of my AA degree, than at last moment had get another AA degree so I wouldnt change disappoint anyone anymore. If you want to know more about my high school years and earlier years of college just read old entries of me.
At this moment...
Currently, I have an passed all my classes for my second choice of college and i didnt drop my gpa either. So begin to think about books that i should dive into this week try to fill my heart wth warmth I should suppose upon. I have six books but one isnt mystery i need to dive in because I wont have that chance again till later this spring before summer comes around. I need to figure this out pretty soon, i have 6 days left back on the computer for next four months....
I found it hard to look ahead since I'd started this new college for the next year in 2020, because next door is my ex its constant reminder of missing him as seeing in face to face. It also bring confront too me at the same time. I wish many things i could change; however hes not one of them.
Earlier this month, I was a babysitter a lil girl for an week and got paid for it. It was scary for the first time but after that it felt comfortable to take possibly of someone's child. I will say this much, I got lecture before taking on this small gig. It actually freaked me out because my mom that has piratically rise me since my birth mother (couldnt) because scared me straight I honestly didnt want the job any longer than i'd decide i needed to take because it was only thing that i could proof her wrong and needed the money for Xmas.
As for the New Year, I just want make it to graduation and get a decent job, move out closer where my grandpa is now. So , idk if I'll make it last part but am quite hopeful.
As far in love, I would have to still say its quite hard too see myself in love once again, am open to seeing myself someone special that part of me hasnt change... I am more so caution like a crime scene if you can picture that....
Winter Break Binge Shows / Movies
You season 2 that's now owned by Netflix
Carloe and Tuesday
BoJack Hoorsemen
Star is Born is also a Sun
Looking for Alaska mini-series
I hope to update you guys in with year of my last graduation
always wth love. stay safe amd stay strong!