London Life
2019-12-30 18:25:43 (UTC)

Tavistock and Plymouth

The room we're staying in, above a pub, has got a great view over the marina, even last night in the dark, when we went on a little circular walk through the Barbican. This morning we had a cuddle, then got up and walked round to the Hoe, where we had breakfast at the Pub On The Hoe, where I had originally booked us to stay. (but the one Jack booked instead, is better).

Jack gave me his fried bread, which meant I had four pieces of it, which must have contributed to me not enjoying my meal - my continuing cold may not have helped. One problem was, the beans were overwhelmed by the vegan scramble. The sausages were a bit overdone. The view was good though, we sat by a round window overlooking the Hoe, the lighthouse and the Sir Francis Drake and other statues. This whole city is overwhelmed by references to Drake, the Armada and 1588.

We walked into town to get a bus to Tavistock. I was trying to convince Jack it was from Stop A21, but he was insisting on going to get bus 21a from Stop A1, even though his phone agreed with me.

The initial route out of Plymouth was fairly unattractive, but after a few miles it became much nicer : long stretches of unbroken countryside and brown gorse, reminding me of our cycling holiday here a few years ago.

Tavistock is an attractive town with many grey-stone old buildings. We had a coffee in a cafe, where we sat in an outsidean area by the river. After Jack had scolded me for getting cold on previous Christmas holidays, this time I wore a nice warm dress with several tops underneath, and knee boots. As they had a large vegan menu, I got a filling baguette.

We continued to explore, including a disused railway viaduct. Then got the bus back to Plymouth, where we had a walk around, trying to find the vegan buffet, which turned out to have been a pop-up, but it was in a very historic area, well worth visiting. Vegge Perrin, where I've gone before, was shut for the holidays. Plymouth has got some beautifully conserved old buildings, but often they are intermingled with nasty 1960s architecture.

After a walk around the marina, we had a meal in one of the old pubs along the front and we're about to go to the theatre.