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2019-12-30 08:00:07 (UTC)

Yesterday's Wine tasting trip 🤮

Yesterday was pretty fun wine tasting. I now recall some things that happened or we chatted about. Also, nice to meet up with friends that I haven't seen in awhile but when I see them again, it's like we just saw each other last week. Funny how that is with friends. Stress free day for sure.

But now, I recall some things that happened. My friend got drunk. Don't know how really. We ended up having to pull over a few times so she could puke. Still don't know why she got sick but no judging so we don't look at her less in any way. I took some pics though that was funny and if they could see it now, they'd be so embarrassed. Just stupid silly things.

For example, the same lady that got sick was hungry. Maybe that's why she got sick later. Didn't eat beforehand. So peeps that go wine tasting or anything similar, make sure you eat something before you go. I had my guardian angel friend tell me to eat before I went out. Good thing because I didn't really have enough time and was going to just skip it. Because of her, I made a quick meal and that probably saved my butt from doing the same thing my friend was doing. So thank you to that special lady. You are probably reading this so hats of to you sweety.

Ok, I'm drifting. Before my friend puked, we pulled snacks out of my snack bag that I always pack. Normal stuff. Cheese, crackers, salami, garlic flavored dipping olive oil, bread, etc, etc. You know, wine stuff. Anyway, my friend Heidi pulls out the salami I packed. It wasn't sliced so it's one of those big ass salamis. My friend Heidi takes it out of the bag and tell my friend that was hungry.."here you go, want some on (me) big salami?" Always gotta be some silly sexual innuendo. We all laughed. My hungry friend of course adds to the joke by grabbing it and pretends to do something sexual to it. My friends are so stupid silly. She is a school teacher too. Then later, she tried to flirt with the wine pourer trying to get a discount on her bottle of wine she wanted to get.So yeah, most of the pics I took I couldn't post and just deleted them off of my phone.

Oh yeah, my friend that i didn't see for a year was saying how I changed and how I dressed differently now. My friend Heidi points out that I hit the gym 5 days a week and he had lessons on how to dress. I know this sounds like bragging. Sorry. I still remember a few years ago when I was heavier, I was invisible to people.

Anyway, on the long drive home, my friend Heidi was complain about her bf saying he dresses like crap. He don't dress nice when they go out somewhere nice. He still uses the same stupid sneakers and his shirt don't match his pants. She asked me if I can help him dress better. I'm thinking What? Me? Haha. So she want me to help her dude dress up better. You know, this is the same group that gave me crap once for wearing sweats and a hooded pullover to a wine tasting event. I mean multiple ladies told me that. I'm thinking what? It's a wine tasting event. Most of you will be offed up drunk 1/2 way through the wine tour. Why does what I wear make a difference. But yeah... fricking peer pressure I tell you. Like I'm back in high school.

So now, each and every time we go wine tasting, I dress a little fancy smancy just to satisfy the critiques. But I guess I like it and it's a blessing. I get better service now and they stay longer to explain the wine, how it's made, the grapes, the soil, the different way it's processed, etc, etc. I find that pretty fascinating on how wine is made and how so many things are done to it to make it how it tastes today. Now I can even have some legitimate conversation when we talk foo-foo wine talk. Now I almost can pretend to hold my own on wine science. haha. Not long ago, I was just thinking "Why does this wine taste like wood?" Or " A beer would be better than this". haha. Now I'm thinking "man oh man, a steak, lobster, etc, etc would pair great with this". Even the swirling around the glass and smelling it is no longer just to pretend I know what I'm doing, it's now something you do and try to indentify the aroma in the wine. Hey, if all else fails, you do get a nice wine buzz so there's always that.

Well, gotta get ready for work. Still giddy happy with no drool dripping down my face. All is good. Not sure what's going on at work today. I know we have our weekly meetings. I hit the gym after work. No crazy texts from crazy people. I'm still below my top allowed weight of 160 lbs so yeah... all is good. Later peeps :)