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2019-12-30 10:00:52 (UTC)

Angel dream

I just woke up from the most bizzare ass dream.
This isn't even the weirdest part of the dream, the weirdest part was flashing imagery I honestly don't think I can even describe

I saw a cat in the street with a collar and a name tag, cars were bustling by so I ran into the street to grab this cat
I noticed the address on the name tag was my across the street neighbor so I began walking to bring his cat back to him
He had a pretty long drive way and a screen porch and he must have saw me through the window, because
he came out into the screen porch and before he could say anything I said

"Oh, hello! I found your kitty in the street, I was worried she might get hit by a car, please be careful to make sure she doesn't get out again."
I walked up to the screen porch door and he opened it and grabbed the cat

He looked me dead in the eyes and said
"You're an angel."

His facial expressions and the way he spoke were so inhuman, I was immediately taken aback
I said
"Oh (nervous laughter)... um, I wouldn't say that."

AND then he said
" No. You're an angel, I can see it in your face. Most people are born human, but when you were born you kept too many of your angelic qualities."

Absolute silence on my part
And then he said
" You were derived from heaven."

What he said and how he said it really scared me and I was wondering if he just had a very strange and unusual way of flirting, but I didn't want to show him that I was internally freaking out so when I opened my mouth to speak again I said

" Again, not too sure about that (forced laughter) You have a really good day sir."

And I booked it out of his driveway as non-suspiciously as I could and went back home
I remember feeling scared that he might be watching me, so I stayed away from the windows

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