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me and my life
2019-12-30 14:33:37 (UTC)

Tough Time

The phase now where i'm is very difficult. I'm survived by 2 people mom and dad partially though and also survived on my savings. Yes,unemployed, Broken, Insecure, stressed about everything. Monku has shifted to Pune 2 weeks back. He is also not doing that great, he is very nervous about his work allotment, he is stressed which is well understood as he wants to get all clear and start with his work. I guess he is bit impatient but i think which is natural and I pray all goes well. M also worried for him because he is acting little weird lately like not eating well, no excitement, no enthu, he doesn't feel like getting up or may be he feels fatigue. He still has not even spoken to his parents and that too is worrying me but, I don't want to push him more as i its just creating problem between us and he needs more time, I know its unfair on my part but i cannot do but to support him. My career gap is just increasing which will be huge loss to me package wise, i don't know if he is thinking about me or not, he says so but i don't feel like he is thinking about me. I also feel blood is thicker than water with him. Ill be supportive to him, I donno anything else coz i love him. I hope he would have understand me as well. I wish he could be little himmatwala than being weak heart at this point, where i have to look after him. thats ok coz he has been always supportive to me.
God please let everything be fine soon...
I'm tooooo stressed i may also have to withdraw my PF, M unsure if i want to do job here or there.dreams are far away behind still at age of 30 m sorting things of life. I hope all will go well soon.
I want a good year, baba please bless us, give us strength.