London Life
2019-12-29 20:45:39 (UTC)

I keep searching

Didn't wake until 09:30 which means - in my tired and weakened state - I had ELEVEN hours sleep. Still felt a bit ill but we had a cuddle and then got ready for our trip to Plymouth.

We were going to the game first, and I spent ages searching for mine and my brothers' tickets (Jack was using my brothers'). I thought I'd found mine on its own, but it was from a previous year. I then saw that the game had sold out. Eventually I found the correct tickets next to the box where they should have been, where I should have searched more carefully in the first place.

We got a tube and a bus, going back to the VeganE cafe. There was only one other group in there, who weren't served for ages. Even after that, the owner asked Jack if he was having a burger (he wasn't) which indicated our meal hadn't started yet. I was going to ask at 14:10 how it was getting on, as we really had to leave at 20 past, and it arrived at 14:09.

The man apologised and pointed out he uses fresh ingredients, which is a good thing. We need to get there earlier in future. He gave Jack a free take-away rice pudding dish, which he didn't like anyway. But a bus came straight away so we were at the ground in good time.

It was a good performance, with the mid-winter sun across the pitch, although a bit nerve-wracking at the end. We ran to the station and got to Paddington in time for a Wasabi. But I searched in vain for a buffet on the train, so I could get a tea to soothe my dry throat, but I couldn't even find the place where it would have been if open.