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2019-12-29 16:19:17 (UTC)

April 2020 Places

Here we go:

Nightshade (April 3rd Friday)
Target (April 4th Saturday)
Hideout at The Laylow (April 5th Sunday)
Wanderlust Creamery (April 7th Tuesday)
Oga’s Cantina (April 8th Wednesday)
MuMu Bakery & Cafe (Friday April 10th)
Fogo de Chão Brazilian Steakhouse (Saturday April 11th)
Magnolia Bakery Los Angeles (Wednesday April 15th)
Feng Mao Lamb Kebab (Thursday April 16th)
Street Food Of Seoul (Sunday April 19th)
Chinchikurin - Little Tokyo (Wednesday April 22nd)
Bumsan Organic Milk Bar (Thursday April 23rd)
Spire 73 (Monday April 27th)

Missing Pictures:
Matsumoto Shave Ice (Sunday April 5th)
White Horse Lounge (Monday April 6th)
Colibri Mexican Bistro (Tuesday April 9)
Lou’s Cafe (Saturday April 11th)
Café 86 (Sunday April 12th)
foothill (Sunday April 12th)
Redbird (Tuesday April 14th)
The Dirty Cookie (Saturday April 18th)
GRANVILLE (Monday April 20th)
The Little Easy (Thursday April 23rd)
Magnolia House (Friday April 24th)
Rabbit Hole (Saturday April 25th)
The Normandie Club (Sunday April 26th)
Afters Ice Cream (Wednesday April 29th)

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