London Life
2019-12-27 15:18:08 (UTC)

Eye test and best records of the year

We had a cuddle while Jack listened to the cricket, then he went down to watch it on telly, on a channel we haven't got at home , so I left on my own for my eye test, which I'd booked for Friday lunchtime specifically to make sure I had to come back to London. I can't spend anymore time with the in-laws.

The optician confirmed that my glasses frame is broken beyond repair, and also that my previous prescription wasn't quite right (or had changed). They also said that my work computer glasses aren't quite right, but I'm certainly happy with them, even though I dislike the frames. They said I hadn't been to that branch since 2004, but I mentioned Tottenham Court Road and they said I'd been there in 2014. It was nice to had a pretty young girl saying "look at my ear" when she did the eye test, instead of the middle-aged bloke I used to get.

Radio 1 were playing songs from 2006, a part of which was pretty much the XFM playlist I remember from that year, but I soon went on Deezer to start compiling a playlist of my favourite songs of the year, as well as making a chart of this season's football line-ups and watching the EFL on television. Jack didn't come back after the cricket finished, in fact it's 23:00 and he hasn't got home yet.