London Life
2019-12-26 23:29:31 (UTC)

Tragedy for Carole, a rainy trip, my amazing niece.

Thurs 26/12/2019
Carole had me in tears after I sent her a picture from my wedding last night. I haven't seen her for ages but she was great fun when I used to work with her, and the recent pictures she's posted with her husband show him in a bad way. He can't walk, sit up or move his right side, but much worse he snaps at her, lashed out at her and swears at her (though he never used to swear). She and the boys have had to accept they have lost the man they knew.

It was raining again as it has all month apart from about two days. Jack had left me an umbrella out, and I wore a longer skirt but could really do with a longer jacket, I've only got short ones. Got a quick coffee and the bus, then searched for the vegan cafe, which I didn't expect to be open on the Bank Holiday, but actually seemed to have been demolished.

So I had some bombay mix, a vegan sausage roll (even though I don't like them) and some pasta, nearly bought some headphones (they were out of stock) then had a coffee and read the Guardian for an hour.

Went to the ground via some big road bridges I don't remember from before. I met Graham B, Brian and Dani, and sat with Graham D and Dave. It didn't seem as if they had 31 shots, they dominated after twice scoring, but made mistakes at the back.

Had a while to wait until the bus, I sat in Subway for a while, explored between the bus station and the shopping centre, then sat reading about post-war philosophers and writers: Sartre, Orwell, Brecht, some still addressing how to prevent fascism, others looking for a good future. It had stopped raining, and on the long walk back from the bus station I passed the time by running through my French holiday girls-kissing fantasy.

Back at Jack's parents house, his sister and her daughter were about to leave. Sis looked all right in a black dress, but her 20-year old daughter looked stunning in her new perfectly-fitting, warm-looking, tight, very short dress and cardigan. She's got a truly amazing figure and she's also stunningly pretty. She even bent over, keeping her legs straight, as if to show me how great her bum and legs look.