always wth love

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2019-12-26 13:14:51 (UTC)

All Me

I came back before 2020...
I just wrapped up my all my classes for my first semester at my new college. So I am waiting for one mo class to see if my gpa hasnt fallen apart
My sis left to go back to new home within those 4 years... She had great time while she was here :)
As for the good news this XMAS for my sis she got a place for herself, wife wth her furr babies....
There's so much want to change about myself from last year is being alright with second choice of this college. Even thou, am single now within new year people dont see me as I am trust worthy, it bothers me so much since working harder to make dreams come true.
The people that love so much so hear the words that fall out that are real but they assume you dont love yourself and honesty if you dont understand me since being single for year. Idk how to defend myself anymore. But am ready to better than years before I had a man.
I've different outlook on men and even tho, am into women doesnt change who i want to be later in my life.
I have three more semester left of college life than i start the life of opportunity.
Im ready as it ever be! always wth love.