2019-12-26 13:19:12 (UTC)

blood on my hands dream

I had a dream I don't remember much of, but I was driving away from something
maybe a problem I created, a problem nonetheless

I can't drive irl, but in my dream my siblings were in the back seat and I was driving like a mad man
weaving through streets and neighborhoods
And trying to get a hold of some... family friend?
I remember feeling scared that I was going to get caught for something

I had blood all over my hands and on my clothes and some on my face
My siblings were obviously used to this sort of thing, like.. they were startled, but not enough

I pulled into some random dude's garage, it was summertime so he just had it open
I was finally able to get a hold of the family friend

He showed up at the address I gave him and kinda just looked at me and sighed as if to say "again?"
And I don't exactly remember what happened next, but I think he killed the guy who's garage I barged into

And he helped my clean up the mess and calm me down
And then I woke up

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