London Life
2019-12-25 16:31:25 (UTC)

Parkrun, Carry On and Becky's presents

Did the Parkrun, a bit crowded, but as my bar code wasn't scanning properly, they gave me a time of 25:56, when my watch said 23:52. Went back to Jack's parents who sat at home all day watching Piorot and Carry On films on ITV3.

I've never seen a whole Carry On film before, they've got a reputation for being crude and predictable but actually despite being so old the dialogue is very sharp. I watched 'Carry On Abroad' which was sexy and surprisingly fast-paced. Certainly the girls gave as good as they got.

I liked the scene where Gail Grainger was at her wash basin topless, she noticed a building worker was watching her, and she said, unfazed and unflinching, "really, hasn't he seen a girl washing before", and just carried on. And Sally Geeson and Carol Hawkins looked gorgeous, bright and very sexy throughout, losing their dresses and skirts more than once.

Eventually in late afternoon, Jack's sister's family arrived. I remember a few years ago Rebecca ripping open endless presents of toys and dolls, and now she's 20, she got an expensive laptop, as well as 4 skirts, a dress, a top, shoes, a dressing gown, earrings, cosmetics, and a watch. She's still very touchy-feely and cuddly with both her brother and her mum (who was wearing a thin tight purple cocktail-style dress).

We had a huge vegan meal and they played charades. I got quite bored and was only saved by looking at my phone, but eventually Marie and Emily arrived, so from having four of us in the room all day, there are now eleven.