London Life
2019-12-24 14:06:04 (UTC)

Last bus cancelled?

Got into work having realised I'd forgotten to record and evaluate a new partnership a week ago, then I got an email telling me lots of searches I hadn't done last week, so I was working flat out from about 9 until 12, then I just had enough time to do the 2019 Top 100 before 14:00, adding the missing two weeks and clearing up duplicates on the artists' section.

Went to Jack's office, where he got fed up with no-one saying he could leave, so he told them he was going to work from home, and we got the bus. Bought a new cheap shaver, as the ones I've got have either got ill-fitting films, won't charge, or I can't find a charge lead to fit. Booked an eye test, got some keys cut for Jack, who's lost his, and we then had the hassle of visiting several shops to buy food.

At home we only really had time to pack our stuff before leaving for Jack's parents. The vegan cafe was shut, so was Wasabi and we passed Leon due to Jack going to the platform via the bridge and the lift, to avoid taking his bags and bike through the ticket barrier.

We had a much needed tea on the train, then happened to meet Jack's Dad at the bus stop. A bus driver told us the last bus before Christmas had been cancelled, as the driver was off sick. But then another driver who was just finishing did one extra run, so we got to Jack's parents all right. His parents watched 'Vera' on ITV3 while we went and got a take-away curry, a huge selection of stuff. Jack hadn't eaten for eleven hours, I don't know how he does it.

Texted Elina just to say 'have a good break' then we were texting for ages. I had to turn the phone off in the end, to get to sleep.