Nala Toph

Written Thoughts
2019-12-24 09:50:36 (UTC)

I had sex...

Well I did it... I sucked a dick. I’m 16 and I sucked a man’s cock and I barely even knew him. All I know about him is the fact he is in his 30s and his name is probably Leo... at least that was the name he had on Grindr. I always pretended to be a little slut, but I never sucked a dick before... until now. Honestly? I didn’t like it, it didn’t taste bad or good, his dick just tasted disgustingly neutral if that makes any since. Also he wasn’t really hard, in fact it was barely half way. Also dicks usually have a smell to them, and it greatly arouses me. But his dick didn’t have a smell. It was also small, which is fine if you’re hard, but it was just a small floppy penis that i sucked on while in the back of his car. I had car sex... and it was the worst experience ever. I never thought I would be the kid who had sex with an adult. I just... I’m having a hard time believing I did any of this. I’m so disappointed in myself and I’ve lost my emotions, I feel only guilt

I told dad what happened, he’s disappointed in me but he isn’t putting any blame on me. He’s going to call the police because of the age difference and he’s going to tell me to make an appointment to get me tested. He didn’t look sick but that doesn’t mean he isn’t.

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