London Life
2019-12-23 22:55:47 (UTC)

B-Zen and the Ozone

The bus was nearly empty going to work. I went up in the work lift with Pauline before realising I'd left my laptop at home. I couldn't get hold of Jack so I got the tube home. He'd just left, then. Eventually I got back to work at 10:45 but nobody was in except Julie and she didn't notice. I did a magazine article which was quite complicated and came out far too long, it took a lot of work to chop it down. I've had to do five in a month.

After work, got the bus with Jack to a pop-up vegan restaurant, B-Zen, in Shoreditch. It had a strange menu, and the mother of the student running it, told us that the menu avoided "nightshades" which were brought to America by colonisers, such as tomato, which supposedly stop the diet being "in balance". I need the goodness of such things so we weren't keen on this idea.

The food didn't taste nice anyway, and was too expensive for the portion size. As for the man's mother, she looked young enough to be his sister. While talking to us, she perched herself on the table next to me, so I had a good view of her thighs, though her brown tights were off-putting.

Afterwards we found the Ozone coffee bar, a very industrial-looking place with bare fittings and pipes on show, where you can see their large coffee-grinding and mixing facilities below. A good ambience.

At home I put up our sparkling, constantly colour-changing fibre-optic little Christmas tree which surprises us year after year by still working after twelve months crushed under the bed.