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2019-12-23 17:14:12 (UTC)

Circus 1903

Sun 22/12/2019
As I was still feeling sexed, I slept in a thong leotard, and still wore it when I got up, with a lycra mini-skirt. Woke at 12 and lazed about, watching the EFL, tidying up a bit, listening to music and yet again looking at Soxiya videos. Didn't get around to going on a run but my head didn't feel too bad.

Met Jack, his sister and her daughter for a coffee at the Parcel Force, and after the girls had rushed to get their train home, we got a bus to the South Bank to see Circus 1903. The bus was diverted, so in the end we had to rush over Hungerford Bridge, but although they had trouble finding our tickets, then gave us circle seats, which isn't where we were supposed to be, we got to our seats just in time. We moved to the front of the circle, so it wasn't too bad a view, but I prefer to be downstairs so I get a better view of the performing girls.

It was Jack who wanted to go to this circus. I've got a lot of YouTube circus videos saved, but only because I like the sexy girls flying around with bare bottoms. But as this one was supposed to be Edwardian-based, I wasn't expecting the usual circus thong costumes, but they did perform in old-fashioned underwear - revealing basques, or petticoats which they twirled around so you got a flash of what was underneath.

The performers were skilful, if sometimes a bit repetitive, There were trapese artists, a juggler, foot twirling, a contortionist, balancing artists, daredevils, a hoop catcher, magic tricks, big puppet elephants, and a quite funny ringmaster who got some sweet kids on stage to fill in time whenever the stage hands had to re-arrange the apparatus behind.

Jack asked me if I enjoyed the skimpy costumes (he thinks I should watch Strictly Come Dancing, for that reason) but he didn't realise how revealing they would usually be. When I saw the Guardian review next day, then searched for pictures of the performer Dasha Selest, I straight away got two picture of her performing with her bum-cheeks showing, which surprised Jack when I sent them to him.