London Life
2019-12-23 14:57:56 (UTC)

Sexy Girls at the Fetish Club and No Christmas Cards

Sat 21/12/2019
Decided not to do a ParkRun, in favour of a cuddle with Jack, and didn't wake until 08:30. Got the bus in good time for the match and I was already at Gabriel’s Wharf when Jack called me at 13:10, to see if I’d left. Went for a coffee and flapjack at Re:Fresh. It was a good, hard-thought win against a decent team. I was expecting a load of cards from people - annoyingly the football people until last year being the only ones, apart from my aunt and sister, who still give me cards. So I spent some boring time at home this morning writing out cards for everyone, then I didn’t receive a single card, which is a relief for forthcoming years. Last year I got loads from football people. Maybe they've just gone off me, but I didn’t see any others being handed out, and if there was some general agreement not to send them, I would have been aware, so it was very strange. Not even Heather or Rose gave any out, as far as I could tell.

I got a different bus home, but it was very slow through central London, then I made the mistake of getting two 390s (the first one stopped short because of the traffic) and had to walk the last kilometre home. It was gone seven when I got in, and I wanted a bath, so it was a rush to get ready for the fetish club, especially as I couldn't get my shaver to charge.

This time I wore the sideless dress, which is better quality than the one with two giant holes in, as it’s not supposed to be a fetish dress, just sexy evening-wear. In fact, it’s meant to be a knee-length skirt, so it’s only sideless down the legs (and side-bottom), but I’ve found it fits perfectly as a micro-mini dress, just covering the lower part of the boobs. So then the entire side of the body is on show, and wearing a one-piece thong makes it look as if you’re wearing nothing underneath. I also twist it so the revealing bits are all down the front of my body (including showing a small corner of the bikini area), showing off the right side-boob and the left bare buttock at the back. I wore the usual fishnet stockings and thigh-length boots, but I had to get the tube instead of the bus, due to lack of time.

Met Jan in the pub, also two other girls and three blokes who were talking about IT companies, and we discussed past clubs, and which ones had shut. I was glad the pub closed at 23:00, because sometimes we spend too long at the pre-drink, while missing part of the event we’ve spent £28 on. Jan wasn’t impressed by my suggestion that we should instead meet at 21:00 though, an hour before the event starts. As we walked through the park, I was mentioning that I’d been to a smaller venue there, when I wore a sexualised Star Trek dress, and it turned out that’s where this one was also, not in the big space further up the road.

There are two dance rooms in the Union, both with a viewing walkway. I soon selected my favourite people for the night, two friends both wearing thongs, one of them was the type which continues “unnecessarily” staying micro-narrow, even well above the bum. One girl with a boyfriend caressed one of the bare bottoms; the girl who was touched looked round nonchalantly as if it was something that happens all the time.

Jan was wearing just a shiny bra and tights, while the other girls I was with wore short little nighties. Lots of girls just wore only a bra and thong knickers. One girl without a centimetre of fat on her, looked great in just a few bits of tinsel and tiny thong knickers, and another wore a see-through v-shaped red lingerie item which just “covered” her nipples and fanny, but actually was transparent. Her friend had her nipples out. I met a girl in the Ladies with a black dress with her bare boobs just resting on the top, nicely below my eye-line, then two other topless girls walked in. There were a few bits of entertainment, one being a fire-eating stripper, but after a while I just sat between the two dance rooms, enjoying watching all the girls walk past.

The highlights of the evening were when the two bare-bottomed girls faked a lesbian cuddle, one with her bum in the air, for a photo, and towards the end when the impossibly-slim girl was dancing on the stage, having taken her knickers off, and now wearing the tiniest slither of tinsel down the middle of her ultra-smooth bikini area, and another barely covering her nipples. Shaking her body as she danced, turning round at times to show off her bare bottom, it was the sexiest thing I’ve seen for ages.

I am uncharacteristically quiet at these events, looking slightly away if I think someone is going to talk to me, I always think afterwards that I should have let people talk to me, it would be fun. One girl took my mask off and borrowed it for a bit. A bloke who talked to me later, and kindly said I looked good, said my mask was now on upside down. Another bloke in the audience was totally naked. Pleasingly I managed to confine myself to only two drinks in the venue, and left about 5:15 to get the Tube.