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2019-12-22 20:55:57 (UTC)

Good day and plans for the week

Church was incredible today. Great service and we lit candles after service and held it up. So breathtaking to see. This church has all the fancy lighting effects like a concert band. Anyway, it was very touching and I have to say I could feel the love in the church. I know.. corny stuff but I was a peace which nowadays are pretty priceless.

Ran my errands. Bought big bottles of wine for my friends. Got my groceries at Costco. Ate a very healthy salad. Now watching Netflix. Probably should iron my clothes. Wash dishes. Have some wine to relax.

Got plans for the week. Tuesday morning, I set up an hour session with a behavioral specialist. More like a life coach. I was really confused with Blue Faye and I needed a professional to talk to. It really messed me up and I'm hoping I can recover faster than sooner with some help. I think I can do it on my own but the faster the better.

Tuesday night I'll host a dinner at my place. Wed for lunch, I'l be going to dim sum with that Persian Club for lunch....or not because I got invited but no details yet. Wed night, I hook up with my meetup group and we're going to watch the latest Star Wars movie. Not into Star wars so much but it's ok and I like hanging with my friends.

So my schedule is pretty full till after Christmas. I'm sure my New Years will be pretty full too. Can't complain I guess. Just need to not get too wasted and do stupid things. Stay away from negative people and I should be good :)
BTW, the Bear River Wine I'm having is from Auburn CA tasing room. Buy it if you are ever there and you can thank me later 👌