Do Not Disturb

2019-12-23 01:02:18 (UTC)


I have a really bad toothache and it is really killing me. So, that means no more sweets for me sadly to say because I can't go without them because I have a sweet tooth and it's become a problem for me. I'd probably have to get my some of my teeth taken out because I'm eating so much sweets. I need to stop so that's why I decided to at least chew on gum to help.

We went to golden corral for breakfast this morning. My brother wasn't suppose to find out but he did because I posted a picture on snapchat' but it's whatever he ate anyways and plus I was heading towards work.

Work today was pretty busy once I got their it was lunch time. Theirs this new guy who's one of my managers brother his name is Brandon. He has a lips pearcing and is very weird in a way and he talks to himself a lot to the point where I don't know if, he's talking to someone or not.

I got my early Christmas present from Grandma esrly and it was of coarse... A journal.

I saw my dog today it had it's eyes open and it was just so darn cute.

Right now, I'm trying to catch up on all of my Youtube videos so okay.... Bye

- A

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