Experienced Life
2019-12-22 08:20:55 (UTC)

Sunday morning 😏

Feeling mellow. Thinking of what to do today and it's just church, grocery shopping, then some presents for my core friends. The highlight would be laundry and ironing :) haha. But I'll be doing it in front of my 75' TV probably watching a football game. Poor me :) I didn't or actually couldn't work out yesterday from being so hungover and it's been Friday since my last workout. I know already that I need my dopamine fix so I'll probably go tonight at the other gym I'm paying for. I'm still not sure if I should just cancel that membership since I haven't gone to that gym for awhile now now that I have the green light to go to my primary gym. I wanted to try to take up boxing and they give lessons at my secondary gym so that's why I'm still there I think. I bet punching the heck out of something will give me that extra fix I want for sure.

I gotta take it easy on the spending for a bit. I got my 100K service needed on my Acura. I did a partial 100K but I still need to get that timing belt changed and it'll cost me about $800-$900. Then my Tacoma registration is due in February and that's around $750!! ugh... CA sure isn't cheap. I also need a crown replaced and it's not much but $250 for my part and the ins will take care of the rest. I have that vaca trip in Oregon in April so I want to make sure I got some bucks for that too. So no more suits and fancy-smancy colognes for awhile :)

I wanted to get another kayak too before the summer weather comes along. I'm thinking going out on dates kayaking on a lake or with a friend that doesn't have a kayak would be really nice but I'd need another kayak for that. I sold my other kayak and my ex gf broke my inflatable kayak. I do have one in mind already. I'm pretty sure I'll get it by summer. I know how determined I am when I have a stupid thought about buying something I may or may not need. haha. This is what I have in mind. The best of the best kayaks are Hobies. I have the Hobie revolution 13 and I think this one will rock too.

The weather is pretty gloomy today. Cold, grey skies, and most likely going to rain but my mood is pretty mellow. My body has no aches or pains from the gym. I have to laugh because I'm touching body parts making sure nothing is hurting and I realize how lame and stupid I must look doing it grabbing my own ass. haha. I think that's the most sex I'm going to be having for awhile so I better get used to this for now.

No texts from Blue Faye or my Ex wife. I realize this is so much better for me. Without their meddling, I'm so much better for it. I see the improvement in my moods. When one or both texts me, it pulls me down and that's not something I need. Hopefully it stays this way. I'm already looking past Christmas and looking forward to the new year. A symbolic clean slate as most people would see it. Time for reflections and what they want to achieve this coming new year.