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2019-12-21 23:38:08 (UTC)

A nice quiet night 😌

Finally detoxed my sorry ass today. Got up, had coffee, fixed breakfast.....then went back to sleep. Yup, the bacon was just too fatty and too good and it was a perfect sleeping pill for me. Plus, I was hungover. Feel much better now. Had some soup and crackers for dinner. Drinking my Canadian tea. All quiet now. I can't believe I stayed home on a Saturday night. Didn't make it to the gym. I guess I needed a rest day anyway. 5 days in a row isn't bad.

Oh yeah. I went to the other gym on Friday. Still with the same company but different location. Guess who I saw? The cute lady that I asked out at our gym Christmas party. It was so awkward seeing her. She is pretty cute in her yoga pants. Pretty fit but you can tell she is sorta new. Maybe into this gym for less than six months. I still had to glance at her from time-to-time though. We do some workouts that is pretty hot to watch. Looks sexual sometimes. Yup, I had to look. Didn't get caught glancing at her. It's all in fun though.That lady is so cute to look at. haha. Eye candy is all she is now 🍬. That's all that was.

Friday workouts are called booty Fridays. They always work on our lower body area specifically the glutes but mostly the legs. If there is an easy day to work out, it's on Fridays. Workout was fun. The hr went by so fast. Legs feel good and no aches anywhere. Amazingly, my ankles, knees, and hips are holding up on this old freaking body. I smile getting off of the sofa now because there was a time I was starting to struggle just getting off of the sofa. Now we do squats like it's nothing.

Glad tonight is a drama free night. No calls or texts from any negative people. Even loony-roomie was nice today.. Just the way I like it. It's so peaceful and quiet. I wish there were more nights like this. Scented candle is lit. I have on a cologne called "Y" from Yves Saint Lauren. It smells great. I can sleep with this scent on. Helps me feel relaxed.

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